Mental Health Awareness Week: Articles

As hopefully all of you know it is Mental Health Awareness Week, so I thought I’d share some articles, songs, videos and more for the next couple days.

Trying to end the stigma around Mental Illness – or Mental Health Experiences as I prefer – is going to take a lot more than just a week each year. We have to constantly be talking and making sure others know they are able to talk and open up without judgement. We have to keep talking and talking and helping and making sure there are enough resources readily available for people who are dealing with negative mental health experiences. It shouldn’t be that you have to have a suicide attempt to see a psychiatrist. And one shouldn’t be scared to tell their parents about being depressed for fear that they will be labeled as “crazy” or be treated with “kid gloves”. We should be able to open up and end the stigma around mental health experiences.

For my first post on this topic I’ve decided to share some articles with you surrounding mental health experiences.  Some are places where people have shared their experiences and helpful tips on how to deal. Some are pointing out how ridiculous it is the way we as society treat mental illnesses compared to physical illnesses. And some are just informatory. Please read and hopefully you will come out more informed.

Physical Illness VS Mental Illness

How do we as a society treat mental illnesses versus physical illnesses. You wouldn’t tell someone with a broken arm to get over it, don’t say it to someone with depression. Just because it’s an invisible illness doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

How Do You Keep Panic Attacks From Ruining Your Life?

People share some things that help them deal with panic attacks. Also please don’t say “oh my gosh I just totally had a panic attack” when you have no idea what it’s actually like to have a panic attack.

Relatable Things For People With Depression

An open discussion and advice.

13 Lies Your Depression Is Telling You

Sometimes it helps to hear someone else tell you that these evil things being whispered about you aren’t true. And you aren’t alone in thinking these things.

Demi Lovato Wants You To Be Vocal

A great conversation with Demi Lovato about mental health and the need to speak up.

Explaining Your Mental Health To Your Friends

Once you do decide to speak up, it can be hard to explain things to your friends and family, especially when you can’t even fully understand it. Here is an article that speaks to that.

7 Things People With Anxiety Want Loved Ones to Know

This article written by Sammy Nickalls has stuck with me. I read it awhile ago and it just stayed, I always come back to it. It’s got some important things in here that would be great to just give as a handout to friends and family.

I hope these articles help people struggling with negative mental health experiences, or those who have a loved one dealing with these, or just even for people who want to be more informed on the issue. Check back for more during Mental Health Awareness Week.



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