Style By TV: Pretty Little Liars – Spencer Hastings

As any fan of the television show Pretty Little Liars will know August 11th there will be a huge reveAl. But as any fan would also tell you, we get told that a lot, so we are all crossing our fingers that this will be the big one.

I decided that the few days leading up the big reveAl, I will be posting some outfits I have put together from my closet and my sisters closet drawing from the pretty little liars fashion senses.

To start off I’m starting with the one who is probably least like my own personal style; Spencer Hastings. Don’t get me wrong I love her very preppy style, and it definitely sneaks into my wardrobe from time to time, but of all of the girls Spencer and my styles are probably the most different.

Spencer Hastings



I’ve put together this outfit of a collared blouse, knit vest, leggings, and boots. Spencer tends to wear collared shirts as they are a preppy staple. This is one of my newest shirts and is a lovely pale blue/purple lightweight blouse and is very comfortable for warmer summer days and can move it into the fall as well.



spencer hastings, style, style inspo, inspiration, pll, fashion, pretty little liars

Blouse – Smart Set     Knit Vest –  Reitmans    Leggings – Garage    Boots – Spring

Hope you enjoy this outfit and the others coming up!



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