Throwback Thursday

Today is Thursday and as all of you internet gurus know that means throwback time!! I decided this time around that I’d throwback not to a specific photograph or event but instead to a type of craft that I used to do as a child. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m talking about papier-mâché!!
It’s been so long since I’ve tried out papier-mâché, and I happened to stumble upon some pins surrounding it, so I thought I’d give it a go.
I had to get creative as we have no balloons in the house (adding to grocery list). I had this old plain white mask from a few halloweens ago (ok more than a few) and I thought I’d try papier-mâching that! As I’m writing this I’m still not entirely sure what my end product is. But yesterday I embarked on my throwback craft.

It started out with me mixing a nice big bowl of papier-mâché glue (flour, water, and salt) and ripping up old newspapers into various sizes of strips.

Here is my first layer:

Gotta say I definitely forgot how messy this stuff is!

Then wait wait wait…. Til it was finally dry and added on my second layer:

Then the waiting game continued overnight till this morning!

This morning the mask was mostly dry and I was able to slowly but surely pull away the mask from the papier-mâché, but the inside was still a little damp so tick tock tick tock….Hours later back from the market with Ash & Mud Arts I finally was able to separate them all the way!

I’m excited to see what the final product is going to look like because I don’t really know, but so far going back to crafts I used to do as a kid was a lot of fun and will probably do some more papier-mâché! 
Look out for the final product to come!

Olivia xo



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