Television Style Inspiration: Pretty Little Liars

I’m back with another installment of television style inspiration! For this one the tv show is none other than Pretty Little Liars. The gals (and guys) in this show are incredibly fashionable, especially for being in high school. Ok so maybe it’s not that realistic that they wear heels and these kinds of clothes to school everyday but clearly Rosewood is not your run-of-the-mill small town. Also it’s tv so they HAVE to be stylish. This show has a wonderful costume designer/stylist, Mandi Line, who also does design for shows like Shameless and Faking It as well as some films and music videos. If you want to check out some of her other stuff her website is
My mom, sister, and I have a fun game we like to play while shopping sometimes, where we point out whether an item of clothing is Hanna, Spencer, Emily, or Aria. And it’s fun to think am I more Hanna or Aria when it comes to fashion. But to be honest I’m a combination of all 4 of them. So I draw inspiration from them all even though their styles are vastly different.
So for the first outfit from Pretty Little Liars I’ve decided to start with Hanna Marin!
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I love a good graphic tee under a blazer! Here are the main elements that have gone into Hanna’s graphic tee & blazer look.
1. Graphic Tee: First off we’ve got the graphic tee. Hanna is wearing one featuring the Eiffel Tower, so in this set I included a few travel themed tees. Paris not your favorite city? No problem wear a London, New York, or other city’s tee. Try to keep the tee a fairly neutral color though. The last two tees I included are ones that don’t fall into the travel theme but instead are just a couple other options, however they are still very much “Hannaesque” tees.
2. Printed Blazer: Next we’ve got the blazer! Hanna’s going for a fun printed blazer, it looks to be animal print, but I included a couple other ideas in this set. Maybe animal print isn’t your thing, you could opt for floral or even a lace pattern.
3. Black skinny jeans: Chances are you probably already have a pair, and if not it’s definitely a piece worth investing in since you can pair them with practically anything! I included some high waisted, and some lower rise, as well as ones from multiple different stores such as JC Penney & H&M.
4. Shoes: Hanna’s shoes feature a print, however, if you feel like opting for a black go for it! But if you do feel like following Hanna’s footsteps (no pun intended) and going for a print, do try to keep it in the same color family as she has.
5. Tan Cross-Body Bag: And last but not least the purse. I don’t know how guys do it, walking around with only their wallet in their back pocket. I can tell you I wouldn’t be able to do that! I’ve got way more essentials than could fit in my pocket, and so do most women. So a purse is an important part of the outfit. I am not however one of those people with a huge collection of handbags. I have a few in mostly neutral colors that I use for most outfits, and a couple fun ones for nights out. Hanna has opted for a tan cross-body bag, but black would look great as well.
6. ACCESSORIZE: It’s probably best to keep the accessories to a minimum for this outfit as it’s busy enough with the tee and blazer. I personally would go for a small necklace, maybe a simple ring or two (ones that I wear almost all the time), small studs, and maybe a thin bracelet. Anything more than that might come off as overkill, you for sure don’t need any statement jewelry to go along with this outfit. (However rules are meant to be broken!)
Cheers xo

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