Tuesday Tunes

As of late there are a few songs that are really speaking to me. I feel very connected to these particular songs, and help put into music what I wish I could. They inspire me to continue to write and to at least try to put some thoughts in a song.

For one reason or another the following songs have struck a chord with me (pun intended) lately. So why be selfish and keep them to myself (I’m pretty sure no one reads my blog anyways…) So I’m going to share them here as my first post on music.

The first song I’m sharing is At Seventeen by Janis Ian. I was watching the first episode of Saturday Night Live during the 40th anniversary weekend and Janis Ian was one of the musical guests. This song really clicked with me, and it wasn’t until I relistened to it afterwards that I realized how much. Janis even though we were 17 at completely different times you pretty somehow managed to sum it up perfectly.

As I was waiting to listen to At Seventeen on youtube, this video came up as an ad. I rarely watch the ads on youtube, and almost always skip as soon as I can, but I started to watch the video and it was captivating. And once I listened to the lyrics as the song went on I realized that this was a song I needed to hear. It really affected me and I think it’s a beautiful song, and video. The song is called Nothing More Beautiful by Night Argent.

And last but not least for this post is What Kind of Man by Florence + The Machine. I absolutely adore Florence + The Machine so I’m always excited when they put out new things. I love that contemporary dance has become more and more prevalent in music videos. I’d love if there was even more of it, but Sia’s videos are great for it, and Florence + The Machine has also got some in this video and their video for How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. So many wonderful songs like these spark some really great choreography so I love that artists are using some in their actual music videos. This song, along with the video, is really great. Something about this song as well as the other two above just sat with me and made some little part of me feel understood by someone else in this world, and that is a fantastic feeling.

Cheers xo


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