Television Style Inspiration: The Mindy Project Season 1 Episode 11

 This is the last installment for Mindy Lahiri of The Mindy Project, at least for a little while. (Who am I kidding, she’ll be back soon!) This one is a cute, casual, and very easy outfit to put together. One of Mindy’s more laid back outfits in the show and she wears on the weekend when she recruits first Morgan and then Danny to build a bunk bed for Gwen’s daughter Riley in the episode “The Bunk Bed”.
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1. A chambray shirt is a piece that is very easy to find right now as it is very popular and in trend. I have one that was inexpensive that I purchased at Primark when I was in London, and I have a lighter one with studs on the pockets that I recently got at a secondhand clothing store in town called The Patch. You can find them at almost any clothing store nowadays, and again not too expensive for the most part. I included a couple different shades in the chambray shirts.

2. Skinny jeans are another piece of clothing that are easy to find at most clothing stores, or you may have a pair or two in your closet already. I recently got two pairs of ankle length skinny jeans/jeggings from Forever21 at $10 each. Not the best quality in the world but they work and they are especially good if you are on a tight budget.

3. Now to add in a black or dark brown belt, whether out of necessity or style you probably already have at least one in your closet, so throw it on!!! Or if for some reason you don’t walk into about any clothing store and you can find one.

4. You don’t have to stick with these shoes for this outfit, as you can wear almost any color and almost any style with this simple outfit and it will look good, but I had to include some examples of these adorable little heeled work booties! I don’t know how many people can pull these off but Mindy is rocking them!!!!!!

5. ACCESSORIZE!!!! Since this outfit is a fairly basic, everyday outfit, you can go a bit more crazy on the accessories. Whether that is a beanie hat, a statement necklace, lots of rings, or anything else you can think of. Obviously don’t go too overboard but you have creative reign here so really bring in your personality through!

Cheers xo

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