Television Style Inspiration: The Mindy Project Season 1 Episode 5

 As you may have been able to tell I am in no way doing these outfits in chronological order, as today’s outfit is from the episode before last week’s post; Season 1 Episode 5 “Danny Castellano Is My Gynecologist”. I love this episode, the awkward sexual tension, the petty remarks from both Mindy and Danny, and the warrior name Beyonce PadThai. I am personally still working on my warrior name but the point is, it is a great episode, with this great work outfit from Mindy.
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1. The tube skirt or the bandage skirt. I personally don’t wear these that often but I adore them on Mindy. She’s got curves and she flaunts them! The skirt adds a lovely pop of color to the otherwise neutral palette in this outfit. She knows how to draw attention to specific aspects of the outfit (or the costume designer on the show does). I threw the black skirt in the mix of options to show the different bottoms of the skirt, as the black one has an asymmetrical bottom that is closer to the one Mindy wears in the show. However if you are going to go with a black bandage skirt I’d recommend adding that pop of color back into the outfit in one of the other pieces or in accessories.

2. Told you the flowy blouses our pal Mindy wears is a staple in her wardrobe! And one of them makes another appearance in this outfit. This one is black and white, and from what I can tell of the photo looks like it features a bow in the front. I put in a few different styles of blouses in the set as you don’t necessarily have to stick to a button down, however if you feel more comfortable in that as opposed to a wrap blouse then by all means go for it!

3. A loose fitting cardigan in a neutral color, in this case grey, is another staple to your wardrobe. The one Mindy is wearing looks so comfy but also work appropriate. It’s wonderful when those two things coincide. This is an item that a lot of people probably already own so look through your closet (or a friends’ closet) and throw it on when recreating this look.

4. A gold embellished belt. Luckily belts are items you can normally pick up for pretty cheap at almost any clothing store, though certain ones will be more expensive, as with most clothing items. I included a few options; one an embellished gold belt fairly similar to the one Mindy is wearing, the second a gold wrap belt, and the third a braided gold belt. Really any of these would work to go along with this outfit.

5. ACCESSORIZE!!! With this outfit Mindy added in a simple gold bracelet and some fun gold dangly earrings. The main point: stick with gold. You don’t have to copy Mindy exactly in her jewelry choices you could add in some more bangles, or wear studs instead of dangly earrings, but I’d suggest sticking to gold to tie in with the belt or have a small pop of that teal sneaking back in. Same goes for shoes, keep it neutral in black, or try tying in the gold or teal, but just with a small embellishment.

Cheers xo

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