Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas: Night On The Town

 The second outfit idea for Valentine’s Day is for if you are going to have a night out on the town. Whether you are out dancing with your S.O. or out with your girlfriends letting loose, here are some ideas.
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Dancing, clubbing, martini’s, drinks and dessert, wine or champagne bar. Whichever direction your night out takes you, here are some elements to incorporate.
1. Dress or Top & Skirt: In this set I decided to include 2 dress options and 2 two piece options. On the ends we’ve got the two dresses, one is a one sleeved, red, lace number that is both festive and perfect for a night out, either with your S.O., looking to meet someone, or just having a good time with friends. The dress on the right end is a lot edgier with the leather, and the sheer bits. I personally would love to own this dress! I think it would definitely make me feel more confident and let’s be honest, way more badass! The two middle outfit options are two pieces because well sometimes you don’t want to wear a dress. The first one is a little dressier with an off-the-shoulder white wrap sweater and a burgundy skater skirt. The second is one that features a humorous tee (I would totally wear it!) Whether you go for the “Fries Before Guys” option like the one in the set, or a different one (check this buzzfeed article for more hilarious Vday shirts I would maybe only wear these kinds if you are single. Unless your S.O. also finds it funny, and isn’t offended by it. I paired the shirt with a leather skort to add a touch of edge and mobility, you won’t have to worry about a short skirt or dress riding up while dancing!
2. Shoes: Booties are the way to go!! I love a good pair of booties whether they are edgier or dressier they can make an outfit! They are also a better option than heels for places that the weather is still snowy. For the third outfit however, I opted to include a pair of sneaker wedges instead. I just felt they added another element of fun to the outfit, and besides that they are pretty comfy shoes as far as heels or wedges go.
3. Purses: When you are out on the town you want to make sure you have all your essentials with you, ID, cash, phone, etc. And that means having them all in one convenient place. A clutch (especially one that has the option of being across the body) is great for practicality reasons, BONUS they are cute. Most of us have at least one clutch in our collection of handbags, but if you wanted to be extra festive you could go for one with lips, heart shaped, or just red! Or you could add another layer of funny by adding in a french fries purse! How much fun is that purse?!
4. ACCESSORIES: Festive or funny or both or none. Your options are limitless (almost). If you have a top that’s embellished, you won’t need some great big necklace. But essentially just wear what makes you happy, whether that is a pizza necklace or little heart earrings, just go for it! But remember you are probably going to be wearing these all night so make sure it’s something you aren’t going to regret putting on.
5. Makeup: Have fun with your makeup for a night out! Vamp up your lips or rock a classic red, do a smoky eye, or cat eye or both, and have a little festive Vday fun with your nails.

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