Television Style Inspiration: The Mindy Project Season 1 Episode 6

Welcome to my second installment of Television Style Inspiration! Continuing on with Mindy Project we jump back a bit to Season 1 Episode 6, the “Thanksgiving” episode. This episode, clearly, focuses on the wonderfully food filled holiday of Thanksgiving. Mindy runs into an old blind date at her friend Gwen’s Thanksgiving dinner, and wears this lovely outfit! I like how Mindy adds a blouse under the shirt as it would be very easy to just wear the dress. It’s November in this episode so it is not only practical in the cool weather but it’s also a nice switch up from just wearing a cardigan or blazer over it.

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1. To start we’ve got the cute green dress she’s wearing. It is a lovely fall shade of hunter green and features a lovely peplum type skirt. However, all of these details together make it hard to find a similar dress, so I’ve included a few options that are very pretty and include either being a dark green or the one on the far right that has the peplum style skirt. These would all be suitable substitutes for Mindy’s exact dress. (Remember you don’t ever have to do things EXACTLY the same to draw inspiration from them)

2. Another nice flowy blouse is in this outfit (I think they are a staple in Mindy’s wardrobe). This one is fairly sheer with a small print on it. Both options I’ve included would be lovely to wear under a nice dark green dress I believe.

3. Then add a nice black belt to accentuate the waist. You can find some pretty good and cheap belts at places like H&M and Forever21. Or you can always splurge for a more expensive belt that will last for ages, and you’ll always need a classic black belt in your wardrobe, most of us probably already have at least one in our closet.

4. ACCESSORIZE!! Again Mindy is wearing sheer black tights, and presumable shoes of some sort. Make sure whatever shoes you add in will work with this, but probably stick to a dark color as it may look a bit out of place to wear light shoes on dark tights. And add in some jewelry. A few ideas would be some small earrings, a ring or two, a short necklace, a headband, a simple bracelet. Or just leave as is, as it is a very pretty outfit on it’s own.

Cheers xo


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