The Looming Valentine’s Day

As anyone with the internet or who goes out to practically any shop knows Valentine’s day is coming up. I will be the first to admit that one of the only things I like about V-day is the large amounts of readily available cinnamon hearts there are. Mmm yes, also these delicious sugary heart cookies my mom makes (might post the recipe and pictures at a later date). Now don’t get me wrong I don’t HATE Valentine’s day, but I don’t love it either. I feel like it is really a couples holiday, which is totally fine only I am not in a couple and have never been for Valentine’s day. So whether or not my lack of appreciation for this holiday is purely based on that fact or that I just don’t care for it, I don’t really know.  And I know some people say that Valentine’s day is about love in general but let’s be real when you are single and go into shops leading up to V-day it feels like your singleness (whether or not you like being single) gets shoved in your face.

Now all that being said I’ve decided to ignore my inner Scrooge and go all Tiny Tim on my blog for Valentine’s day. So look forward to a series of posts for the upcoming pink and red and hearts all over holiday. I’ll post outfit ideas, playlists, and more, and not just for ladies in a couple either. Hope you enjoy.

Cheers xo


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