Television Style Inspiration: The Mindy Project Season 2 Episode 9

One of my most recent posts was an overview of some of my style icons & inspirations, and I’ve decided to do a series of posts expanding on some of them. Specifically television characters I draw inspiration from. I’ve been rewatching The Mindy Project (for about the third time) as of late and so I’ve decided to start out with her.I will try to include mostly pieces in my sets that are budget friendly, however sometimes I will put in another more costly option. If you want to know the prices of each of the pieces just visit the set on my polyvore page and click on the individual pieces. 🙂 I hope you enjoy my series of posts on television characters and their fashion and if there is anyone in particular, or any outfit in particular you’d like to see please feel free to leave it in the comment section!!

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     I love this outfit of Mindy’s she wore in Season 2 Episode 9 entitled “Mindy Lahiri Is A Racist”, to tell everyone that their practice is not in fact racist as the midwives would have everyone believe. I love this outfit as a full black and white outfit is always wonderful, and to add that vibrant red embroidered coat just makes it even more gorgeous!

1. First off you’ve got the wonderful red coat (if you watch Pretty Little Liars you know red coats are not always wonderful, but that’s a whole different tv show that I’m sure I will touch on). If you can’t find one that’s both embroidered and features black details opt for one or the other. I’ve show 2 choices here that I think are both beautiful. The one on the right looks a lot more like the one Mindy is wearing in the photo, however the other one features the black detailing. I love the second one but I personally would want to bring some of that black detailing into it by adding a black belt.

2. Mindy is wearing a collared white blouse with small black pattern on it. In my set I included both a similar top to the one she is wearing, with a collar, and one without a collar but instead features some lovely leather detailing. (I love me some leather!) I think either would work with emulating the outfit Mindy is wearing.

3. Then you’ve got the houndstooth pencil skirt. I don’t own anything with a houndstooth print as of right now but it is definitely something I’d like to add to my wardrobe and in a pencil skirt would be absolutely lovely. The houndstooth is keeping in the same print palette, black and white, as the top, so doing a print on print looks fabulous in this outfit without it feeling too busy. Another reason it works? The houndstooth print is a bigger print then the blouse print. You probably wouldn’t want two large prints or two small prints as that combination may be a bit overwhelming. However there are some times you should break the rules.

4. The last piece of this outfit puzzle is the black quilted crossbody bag. One of my favorite textures right now in the fashion world is quilted. I especially love it on leather jackets, but on a purse it is wonderful too!

5. ACCESSORIZE!!! For this outfit you probably don’t need much in way of accessorizing. I can’t recall what Mindy’s shoes look like in this episode so feel free to pick out your own. It would be nice to add a simple pair of black ballet flats or heels to this outfit, as it doesn’t need much else to make this outfit unique. On the jewelry end you again don’t need to go crazy. I personally would probably stick to my few jewelry items I wear on a regular basis (I’m sure I will talk about these in a separate post more in depth). My small “O” necklace, my watch, and I may add in some small stud earrings.

Hope you liked my first in this series, keep your eyes peeled for more coming up and subscribe!
Cheers xo

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