Style Inspiration

I’ve been thinking a lot about where I draw my style inspiration from, and what kind of style I have. Personally I like to be versatile and switch things up from time to time. I like to experiment with different styles, and see what works for me; and that may change on a day to day basis. Some days I feel like getting a little fancier with it, and others I feel like wearing more “grungy” pieces. I also really like to mix edgier pieces with more traditionally feminine pieces. I love some of the men’s style as well and will definitely pull inspiration from them too. And other times I just really want to be comfortable, obviously I still want to look presentable but certain days it just feels nice to be in superbly comfortable clothing.

So for me, having different places and people to look to for style inspiration is important. Depending on how I’m feeling a certain day can have a huge effect on my wardrobe, so probably my number one inspiration is my mood, thoughts, and vibes that I’m feeling or that I want to give off.

I’ve been lucky that lately a big trend is the kind of clothes I used to wear as a kid. Now don’t get me wrong some things I probably just should not wear again. Tight pants (leggings as the kids call them these days) and chunky running shoes were okay when I was 8, but I might want to steer clear now. However the skater dresses, overalls, and plaid and floral prints making a comeback I am totally on board with. I love finding things now that my 8 year old self would also wear. Obviously my whole wardrobe isn’t going back to the late 90s but a few items here and there are a lot of fun! (Still need overalls!!)

Some people pay a LOT of attention to trends and jump on board with every single one of them, but not all trends are going to go with everyone’s style or body type. So instead of going in on all of them I like to try some out and see what works for me and what I can incorporate into my wardrobe that I already have. There are certain trends that as nice or seemingly on point as they may be just simply won’t work for me for a number of reasons. That being said don’t shy away from something just because it’s new and bold. If you like it, you have fun with it, it works with your body type, and your wardrobe than you should go for it! Just because it is popular at the time doesn’t mean you can’t join in on the fun. Another important point for me is if I like it enough to wear it after the trend has dissipated some. Something like a fur vest for instance, if you are only going to wear it now because everyone else is, maybe not a good reason to get one. However, if you really like it and you’ll wear it next year too, then I say power to you!

As I said before, I have lots of different places to go for style inspiration. One is magazines, my favorite being Glamour & Nylon. Two is just around me. Now Kitchener isn’t exactly the hub of great fashion, but it doesn’t mean from time to time I see someone’s outfit that I really love, or just admire for their boldness. I haven’t always been that bold with my style and I am continually trying to make sure I try new things. One of the big ones for me is hats. I always have LOVED hats but I think perhaps shied off at the idea of taking up more space or making myself more known. But that is something I’m working on and I’m wearing hats a lot more now. YAY for baby steps!

Below are some more people & places I draw inspiration from:

Taylor swift, karlie kloss, style inspiration, woods, outfits, style, fashion inspiration, fashion
Karlie & Taylor

Absolutely love Taylor Swift’s & Karlie Kloss’ simple outfits here. I’ve become huge on turtlenecks or mocknecks and both of their styles have definitely influenced me.

emma swan, once upon a time, jennifer morrison, tv fashion, fashion, style, inspiration
Emma Swan

Another source would definitely be Emma Swan (played by Jennifer Morrison) from Once Upon A Time. She loves her leather jackets, turtlenecks, and knee-high boots. I haven’t really had knee-high boots before but after watching the show I decided to try some on and splurged for them. I really quite like them and they make me feel a little more like Emma Swan, which is definitely confidence boosting.

cara delevingne, outfit, style, street style, fashion, inspiration, style, fun,
Cara Delevingne
cara delevingne, fashion, street style, grunge, style, inspiration, outfit
Cara Delevingne
cara delevingne, fashion, street style, grunge, style, inspiration, outfit, bart simpson outfit, bart simpson, beanie hat
Cara Delevingne

One of my all time favorites, and newest style icons is Cara Delevingne. I like a lot of the stuff she wears for photo shoots, on the runway, or events, but my favorites are her everyday clothes. Her street wear is bold and fun and she’s not afraid to wear her personality on her clothes. I mean who else could pull off a two piece outfit with Bart Simpson all over? She’s definitely helping in my endeavor to expand my wardrobe with fun, bold pieces.

pretty little liars, pll, ashley benson, shay mitchell, lucy hale, troian bellisario, sasha pieterse, hanna marin, emily fields, aria montgomery, spencer hastings, alison dilaurentis, pll cast, outfits, fashion, style, inspiration
Pretty Little Liars

I tend to watch a fair amount of television so it’s not a surprise that I draw a lot of inspiration from tv shows. The show Pretty Little Liars has a beautiful cast, who wear a lot of awesome clothes on camera and off camera, it’s pretty difficult not to have your fashion influenced by at least one of them. A few other tv shows I get fashion ideas from are New Girl, Gossip Girl, The Mindy Project, and Skins.

street style, london, menswear style, inspiration, fashion, knit,
London Street Style
london, street style, floral pants, coat, black,
London Street Style

When I went to London in the spring it was the most amazing experience of my life! (so far!) One of the things I really enjoyed about the city was how free everyone seemed to be in their style. I think that is probably one of the perks of not only being in Europe but in a big city in general. You seem to have a lot more freedom with how you dress. People aren’t afraid to be big, bold, or simple, and understated. The city gave me a much needed change of scenery and boost to help in trying new things out.

A few of my friends that I met in London also inspire me and my style. One of them in particular is my wonderful friend Lex. I mean look at how awesome that green coat is!!! You can check out more of her fashion on her blog:

And last, but certainly not least, is Pinterest.  I find so much style inspiration on that website, it’s crazy. It’s perfect for when you get a new piece and you want to find different outfit ideas to go with it. If you are trying out a different style, or you want to go for a certain look you can find tons of pictures to look through. Whether your style be bohemian, rocker, grunge, preppy, glamorous, or anything else you can think of, you’ll find lots of inspiration on the site. You can click the link below to check out some of the outfits I’ve pinned.

Don’t forget, be bold, have fun, dress for your body not other peoples’, & always be finding new inspiration. You keep doing you!

Cheers xo


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