The New Year

Welcoming in a New year can be scary and exciting. There are so many possibilities for all aspects of your life, and that can be a very overwhelming thought. Not to mention all this pressure surrounding New Years resolutions and keeping them. I find , and I think a lot of people will agree, that the task is easier if I look at new things as habits I want to cultivate, instead of resolutions I must keep.

One of the most important things, if not the most important, regarding these habits is your actual desire and motivation for them. I could make it a resolution of mine to join a gym and go 6 days a week. However, in all honesty I don’t really want to join a gym, that doesn’t really appeal to me. But I do want to get in better shape, stay active and work on strength and flexibility. So, I’m setting goals for myself and I’m getting in the habit of doing stretching and yoga in the mornings. That may expand as time goes on and I may do it more than once a day but for now it is a good and reasonable way for me to create a healthy habit. I’m also doing a 30 day fitness challenge this month along with a few friends. Having people who will check up on you and who are partaking as well can help with how successful you are in your endeavours. I have a few friends who are joining me in the 30 day challenge, but we are all doing separate ones as we have our own personal goals.

Which brings me to another important aspect of creating good habits. Make them personal and unique to you. Maybe everyone else’s resolutions don’t seem to be of interest or apply to you. That is totally fine. Create your own that will make you proud and keep you happy and healthy. I’ve tried on many fruitless occasions to create for myself a daily routine, something to follow to the tee. But as I’ve learned that doesn’t really work for me, yet I do need some way to keep myself accountable. So I have a handy dandy checklist. Not a different one for each day, but the same one to go through and check off when I’ve done each task each day. If I do miss some on certain days I can go back and reference to see what I really need to work on. One of the items on my list is mind, body, and soul. That particular one requires 3 check marks however I can do complete these tasks any time during the day. Before, when I had a daily routine, I had things written down like read one chapter of a book each night before bed. I nice thought but I don’t always feel like reading before bed, sometimes I feel like watching a tv show or working on a crossword. Now with my new method, I have a routine guideline to help me through the day, but I can still keep my spontaneity.

Another item on my list for during the day is to take at least one picture. And as much as I love my Nikon dslr, I probably will use my iPhones camera for a lot of picture taking. Obviously if I’m going to be traveling or have important events I’m going to want to bring along my nice big Nikon. But I can say that it is very handy to have a phone with a decent camera on it to grab quick snapshots when needed. I definitely couldn’t have gotten this photo of my dog this morning with my DSLR.

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So no matter what your goals are for yourself and for the year, whether they be big or small, whether you share them with the world or whether they are just for you, remember to make them habits. And to make them ones you really want and are driven to achieve. Don’t get down on yourself because you miss one day or you didn’t check something off your list. Just keep your chin up and make extra sure you don’t forget the next time. If you beat yourself up over a tiny thing you’ll have a greater chance of giving up entirely, or at least that’s how it’s been for me in the past. Even if it’s something like eating less fast food or if it’s something like run marathon if it’s what you want and you are willing to work day by day, step by step to achieve it, then does it really matter what everyone else’s “resolutions” are? Create and cultivate habits, that help you to a happier and healthier you.

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