6 Winter Necessities

1. Two Wonderful Winter Coats.

One of my coats I have for this winter are a nice warm parka. The one I have is a dark army green color and is nice and long to keep the wind from freezing my back. There’s nothing like wearing a short coat in winter and feeling your skin turn to ice. I got mine a year ago at a store called Costa Blanca. I got it on sale which made me happy and it is wonderful and warm and I love it! I’m very glad I got a good one last year as that store is no longer in the mall nearby and as far as I know they’ve actually closed all their stores :(. But at least I have my warm parka!

The second coat is a camel colored, swing coat that I recently purchased at the Forever 21 store that recently opened up at the mall I work at. It only cost about $35 which is a wonderful price for a coat. I might have to move some of the buttons around as I find their clothing fits fairly small however overall it is a good fit. I had been wanting a camel coat for some time now, and it works great for when it’s not too cold out and will transfer well over into the spring.

parkas, parka, coats, camel, swing coat, cold weather


2. A Knit Sweater You Could Live In.

Two of my favorite knit sweaters are from a store called Ricki’s. I got them last year and I absolutely love them! They are so cozy and perfect for cold weather, you can dress ’em up and dress ’em down. I recommend having at least one that you feel like you could live in it’s so comfy. Here are some examples.

sweaters, cowl neck, turtleneck, knit, knit sweaters, cold weather, cozy, comfy, pullovers, jumpers

. . . .

3. A Funny Festive Tee or Sweater.

This is one that I’m a little bit behind on. I really want a sweater or a tee with a funny Christmas saying or graphics. Or an “ugly” Christmas sweater. I still haven’t been able to get my hands on one as of yet, so I’ll post when I get one. I saw someone the other day with one that said “Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” and I thought to myself: That. I must have it. Or at least one like it.

Funny Christmas, Christmas, funny tee, graphic tee, hoodies, sweaters, pullovers, jumpers, tee shirt, t shirt, elf,

. . . .

4. Skin Essentials.

My skin, as do most, gets really, very dry in the winter. So these are a few of my essentials to keep moisturized and not so itchy during the season. You definitely need a good non-greasy lotion, my lotion of choice that I just recently started using is the St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter lotion. It smells good, but not a crazy strong scent, and it doesn’t leave gross residue which I have found with some body butters in the past. My lips get chapped a lot as well so I use Soft Lips Coconut Cream lip chap to help out. I keep one in my apron at work and one in my purse so I can reapply whenever I need to. I use the same moisturizer year round because again, it doesn’t leave a residue, & make up goes on well over it (with primer of course). I have tried out the Vitamin E Aqua Sorbet from The Body Shop, and while I love the texture and the fact that it feels cool to the touch going on, I don’t love that it didn’t seem to get fully absorbed and so I was getting flakey pieces and my make up was not going on well over it. I may try it for night time as I am running low on my regular night cream, but for now my daytime moisturizer remains The Body Shop’s Vitamin E with SPF 15. My hands get cracked and dry and bleed if I go too long without moisturizing in the winter, so I have been extra good this year about applying, and reapplying. My co-worker & friend brought in some Glysomed hand cream to work and it is very good! It takes a little while longer than I’d like to completely soak in but it is very hydrating. I also have a hand cream from The Body Shop at home that is Vanilla Brulee scented, and it’s very sweet so I don’t use it too often however it is a nice alternative if you do want something festive. And lastly my scent. I have been obsessed with the Adidas scents recently. They are so fruity, refreshing, and invigorating, so I love having that feeling right before I head out for the day. I was able to get a really good deal on three of their scents at the drug store recently, and right now my favorite is Fizzy Energy. I think everyone needs a little fizzy energy to start off your day right!

Essentials, moisturizer, perfume, lip chap, chapstick, lotion, hand cream, skin care


5. A Good Book To Curl Up To.

Right now is the perfect time to curl up and read a book whilst sipping tea or hot chocolate. Here are a few I’ve either read recently, will hopefully be reading soon, or am currently reading. A few of these are on my wishlist so I’m not allowed to get any books until after Christmas, and if anyone knows me they know this is one of the most difficult tasks one could put upon me, but surprisingly I’ve been good so far, and I only have about 10 days left so I think I can do it.

Books, funny books, fantasy, dystopian, inspiring women, john green, george r.r. martin, game of thrones, paper towns, yes please, amy poehler, insurgent, veronica roth, not that kind of girl, lena dunham, a dance with dragons, reading

6. Something Sparkly.
Everyone needs something sparkly to lighten your spirit this season. If you aren’t lucky enough to live in a place that has lots of snow on the ground with the light reflecting off of it (or even if you are) should get something for yourself this season that is nice and sparkly! Don’t be afraid to be bold with sparkles and festiveness. Who knows you might just light someone else’s day up as well! It could be a dress, nail polish, or something only you know you have on 😉 anything goes with sparkles!

Sparkles, sequins, nail polish, sparkly, ornament, shoes, flats, dress, scarf, clutch, bralette

. . . . . . .


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