We’re So Fancy!

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted anything so this one will probably be a long one. Last post I made was at the end of my first course, and it’s now almost at the end of my second one, and as much as I do miss people back in Canada….I don’t want to leave!! I can’t say enough how amazing this city is, there is an energy here that is just what I needed and I’ve made so many new friends that I don’t want to leave.

It’s crazy because it feels like I just started this second course and yet I only have 4 days left of it, but here are just a few things I’ve been up to since this second course started.

This new group of people was double the size of my last one so it was a completely different vibe, but a great one still! I was really nervous coming into it but having done the first class really helped me be able to be a bit more open with this new group. I have to say I really love our group and I feel like we’ve become very close over just a short space of time, I guess that’s what happens when you spend 7 hours a day for 5 days a week together, and we’ve had some fun bonding time together too going out to the pub after class on Fridays. The first Friday we went out as a group one of my wonderful Aussie friends, DJ Marzy and I belted out Iggy Azalea’s Fancy which got a nice round of applause from the bartenders! The next day I met up with almost all (we missed you Shenaz!) of my group from the first course and we ate at Burger & Lobster where I ate lobster for the first time, and it was delicious!!


The next Friday a few of us went out to the pub again and then for dinner and then a different pub for drinks after 🙂 For dinner I had an amazing vegetarian risotto and it was sooooo yummy! And I finally had Pimm’s which has been on my “To drink list” for my time over here. It also happened to be National Twinning day for my classmate Robin & I. On Saturday I went up to visit the Holt’s again and we took a little trip down to a small town called Lewes. They had some great antique shops that I could have spent hours in! It also happened to be the anniversary of the battle at the Lewes castle so we got to watch a reenactment which was pretty funny, especially since not everyone was fully committed to their roles. I saw one guy answer his iphone in full costume. It felt like the ultimate game of “Costume or Choice”. At one point I do believe I heard them yell “tis but a scratch” which made me chuckle!


The next week we were assigned our final scenes, mine being a scene from Martha Marcy May Marlene with Marlaina, one from Hick with Robin and one from American Beauty with my other Aussie friend Becks. I’ve since filmed my first two scenes and will be filming the latter tomorrow. On Wednesday I FINALLY had some chicken wings from Nando’s and I must say it was super tasty! Friday a group of us hung out again went to get some food at this Italian restaurant near the school and had some amazing pizza, Funghi & Prosciutto mmmm mmmm good. After that we went back to our pub of choice, The Grove, and had a few more drinks. A guy had brought his dog with him to the pub and I spent a chunk of the evening petting the dog because I miss my Winnie so much!


Two days ago on Saturday I hung out with a few classmates in Central London. There was a nice magic show going on in Trafalgar Square and my fellow Canadian classmate Zach got dragged into participating 🙂 We had a nice walk around some of London and then ended up at…surprise…a pub. (I’m going to go back to Canada and expect to go out to the pub every night). Then Marlaina aka DJ Marzy and I went out for dinner and dessert which both were simply fantastic! We had Thai for dinner (best Won Ton soup I’ve ever had) and Caribbean for dessert (Mango Creme Brulee…can you say WONDERFUL!). The rest of my long weekend has been lovely as well 🙂 and I have to say I really would appreciate the rest of this week going by slowly, I know that’s not how it works but I’d like it to, just this once.


I feel like I am the most rambling blog writer ever but hopefully it is all coherent! And I know I’ve been up to other things also but I have tried to include most of it!




Olivia xo


2 thoughts on “We’re So Fancy!

  1. Hi Sweetie. So glad your time there is so very positive. By the way, I used to drink Pimms Cups which was Pimms and Perrier with a cucumber slice and maybe some other veggies. I told myself it was really “healthy”. Thanks for keeping me (and everyone else) in the loop.


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